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Minooka Softball : Pinto

Team Name : Coach : Phone : Win: Loss: Tie:
Morris Hospital (1) Kerry Koepp 312-617-9153
Minooka Fire Department (2) Anthony Reiter 708-612-6910
Ridge Dental (3) Allen Darnall 630-299-9854
Shorewood Dental (4) Jackie Murphy 815-210-6803
Von Holten Eye Care (5) Emily Marlow 815-791-4941
Channahon (CH6)    


Saturday, June 20th
Ridge Dental "Dolphins" 15, Shorewood Family Dental "Orange Crush" 8
What a way to finish the season for both teams. Back and forth offensive and defensive battles all morning. We are very proud of all the hard work and dedication these girl's have put in all spring and summer long. Best of luck to all the girl''s moving up to Mustang and all the girl's finishing their first year up of Pinto. Keep working hard and help Minooka Softball continue to grow in the right direction. Thank you to all the coaches and parents who put their time in to ensure that these girls have a positive experience and leave a positive impact in these girls lives. The Shorewood Family Dental "Orange Crush"really came a long way and was a completely different team by years end. Awesome job by Coaches Jackie and Kevin Murphy. Special mention to all of team Orange Crush girls. McKenna Murphy, Kayla Conner, Jenna Ritchie, Gabby Garcia, Kailey Wietting, Abrianna Kennedy, Anna Zemaitis, Madison Wietting, and Brooklyn Baranoski. Now to the Ridge Dental Dolphins and their perfect 16-0 season. Winning is definitely not everything, but this group of girls worked so hard and had so much fun together and deserve the mention. All 10 girls on this team were such an enjoyment coaching and I know all 10 will move on to other teams in the future and teach the same passion to a whole new group of girls. Hopefully their leadership and enjoyment for the game of softball spread throughout the league like wildfire. Thank you to my coaching staff for always showing up and helping me keep these girls prepared and focused. Great job Coach Ray Segatto, Coach Ed Lopina, and Coach Kassie Marsala. Thank you to the great group of parents who always brought their daughters to every game and practice that their personal schedule allowed. Never heard one complaint all year and all the parents were very supportive. It is honestly more appreciated than you can imagine. First I want to say Great job to the girl's who finished their first year of Pinto and I expect these girl's to be leaders for the Shetland girls getting ready to move up. Brooke Darnall. Natilee Carlos, Jena Lopina, Lexie Lakota, and Evie Perez. All 5 of these girls have a fantastic softball future and I expect to see all 5 of these names all over this website next year. My next 5 girl's will be moving up to the Mustang level next year. Gracie Anderson, Abby Haake, Ava Nurczyk, Sami Samuilis, and Aubree Ryle. These 5 girls played hard all year and really showed the younger group how to succeed at the Pinto Level. I am very proud of all 5 players. The coaches who get these 5 girls next season will really have some special players on their team. I look forward to watching all 10 of my girls grow up and play softball for years to come. Again thank you again to everyone and can't wait for next year to begin.

Thursday, June 18th
Ridge Dental "Dolphins" 17, Minooka Fire Department "Fireballs" 11
Ridge Dental's top 4 hitters in the lineup Abby Haake, Ava Nurczyk, Sami Samuilis, and Gracie Anderson brought the offense today and all went 4 for 4 at the plate tonight. Aubree Ryle (3/3), Jena Lopina (2/3), and Brooke Darnall (2/3) all added hits as well. Ridge Dental had some awesome defensive plays this season and Gracie Anderson added to the list by catching a line drive at first base and catching the Fireballs runner off guard and finishing the inning with another double play. For the Minooka Fire Department Fireballs Samantha Reiter (3/3), Madison Santora (3/3), Madeline Moran (3/3), and Delaney Adams (2/2) all had fantastic nights hitting and driving in runs. Great job by both teams with only two more days left in the season.

Wednesday, June 17th
Ridge Dental "Dolphins" 13, Morris Hospital "Blue Thunder" 7
The Blue Thunder finished up strong after having to play another double header, but came up short offensively to the Ridge Dental Dolphins. For Ridge Dental Sami Samuilis and Gracie Anderson pitched excellent tonight and led the way on the mound holding the Thunder to 2 runs combined. Ava Nurczyk (3/3) led the way offensively for the Dolphins by continuing her hot bat and smashing doubles all over the field. Abby Haake (3/3), Gracie Anderson (3/3), Natilee Carlos (3/3), Evie Perez (2/2), Brooke Darnall (2/2), and Lexie Lakota (2/2) all had perfect nights at the plate. Sami Samuilis (honorary team captain for the night) took over as 3rd base coach and made the rest of the team run hard on the base paths. For the Blue Thunder Marina Hristov (3/3), Addi Crumly (3/3), Leah Pena (3/3), and Mia Cisneros (2/2) all had great nights at the plate and put up a bunch of runs in the 3rd inning on the Dolphins. Special Mention to Coach Kerry Koepp and his coaching staff on the great job they did tonight getting his girls ready and making it through another double header due to all the rain out make up games. Great job tonight to both teams and lets finish strong with only a couple more games left until the end of the season.

Tuesday, June 16th
Ridge Dental "Dolphins" 9, Von Holton Eye Care 6
Von Holten Eye Care jumped early on the Dolphins and put up a five spot in the first inning. The Dolphins put up a Great defensive effort after the first inning and only gave up one more run the remainder of the game. For Ridge Dental Ava Nurczyk led the way pitching the final 2 innings and help rallyed the Dolphins to victory. Ava Nurczyk (3/3), Sami Samuilis (3/3), Evie Perez (2/2 w/ 2 huge doubles). and Lexie Lakota (2/2) all had fantastic nights at the plate helping Ridge Dental chip away and overcome their 1st inning deficit. For Von Holten Cece Marlow (2/2), Marlee Nugent (2/2), Breanna Bernard (2/2) , and Vanessa Alegria (2/2) led the offensive push. Marlow also pitched a great game tonight for Von Holten

Shorewood Family Dental "Orange Crush" 11, VonHolten Eyecare 10
Birthday Girl Breanna Bernhard had a big night for VonHolten Eyecare with two doubles and an amazing triple play at third base. The Orange Crish rookies McKenna Murphy and Kailey Wietting had an oustanding night pitching and catching for each other under lights and are both showing great improvements in their hitting. All girls on both teams are making huge strides in becoming great softball players! Your coaches are so proud!.

Saturday, June 13th
Von Holton Eye Care 6
, Shorewood Family Dental 5
A great game was had by all. For Von Holton- Caycee Brown, Kelby Shay, Claire Olsen and Marlee Nugent all pitched an amazing game. Vanessa Alegria had two awesome hits into the outfield along with Breanna Bernhard who was three for three. For Shorewood Family Jenna Ritchie and Maddie Wietting also pitched an excellent game.

Thursday, June 11th
Ridge Dental "Dolphins" 10,
Morris Hospital "Blue Thunder" 4
For Ridge Dental Abby Haake led the way at the plate going (3/3 w/ 1 double) and (2ip). Ava Nurczyk (3/3 w/ 2 doubles), Sami Samuilis (3/3 w/ 1 double), Natilee Calos (3/3), and Evie Perez (2/2) all had great nights at the plate for Ridge Dental. Evie Perez had (1ip) and held the Blue Thunder scoreless in the 3rd inning behind some fantastic defensive plays. Ridge Dental also added a feature to their defensive efforts that is very rare at the Pinto level. Aubree Ryle caught a line drive at 3rd base in the 2nd inning and helped the Dolphins end the inning with another TRIPLE PLAY! This is 2 games in a row the Dolphins have made a nice defensive catch and ended an inning with a TRIPLE PLAY! This is absolutely amazing girl's :) Your coaches and parents are proud of all the hard work and teamwork displayed night in and night out. For the Blue Thunder Leah Pena and Addi Crumly both had awesome nights at the plate going 3 for 3. Lauren Mick also went 2-3 with some timely hits for the Blue Thunder. Marina Hristov pitched an excellent game for the Blue Thunder and made it very difficult for the Dolphins to get on the base paths. Great job girls and lets finish up strong this last week of the season.

Tuesday, June 9th
Ridge Dental "Dolphins" 9, Von Holten Eye Care 3
This was the 2nd game of a back to back double header for Ridge Dental. The Dolphins hung in there and used up whatever energy they had left and played phenomenal in game 2. Abby Haake had one of her best games all year by pitching a scoreless inning and leading the way at the plate going (3/3). Natilee Calos (2/3) and Sami Samuilis (3/3) both followed Abby with great pitching and hitting performances. Ava Nurczyk (2/3) had the best hit we have seen all year by smashing a line drive double over the center fielders head. Jena Lopina (3/3) , Aubree Ryle (2/2), and Evie Perez (1/2) all 3 added big hits and great defense for Ridge Dental. For Von Holten Eye Care Caycee Brown (2/2) , Breanna Bernard (1/1) , and Vanessa Alegria (2/2) all three had perfect nights at the plate hitting. Caycee Brown did a great job on the base paths and showed great effort and hustle for Von Holten. Cece Marlow, Marlee Nugent, and Claire Olsen all 3 added base hits as well for Von Holten Eye Care. Great job by both teams tonight and keep playing hard until the end of the year.

Ridge Dental "Dolphins" 8, Minooka Fire Department "Fireballs" 2
This was the 1st game of a back to back double header for Ridge Dental. The Dolphin's came out ready to hit in game 1. The first 5 batters all scored in the bottom half of the 1st inning for Ridge Dental.Ava Nurczyk (3/3), Jena Lopina (2/3), Aubree Ryle (2/2), and Brooke Darnall (1/2) led the hitting attack for Ridge Dental and the 4 combined for 6 RBI's. Jena Lopina and Brooke Darnall both pitched an excellent inning each and were assisted by some spectacular defensive plays. The Dolphins defense helped Darnall get out of a slight jam by ending the game with a great defensive TRIPLE PLAY! For the Fireballs Samantha Reiter (2/2), Delaney Adams (2/2), Larkin Calay (2/3) all were fantastic at the plate today and really came to play. The Minooka Fire Department came alive defensively after the first inning and displayed some leather out in the field. The Fireballs made 3 unassisted outs in the bottom half of the 3rd inning and held the Dolphins scoreless in the 3rd inning. Great job by both teams today and we are so proud of the Dolphins for their hard work and determination making it through both games tonight with 2 wins.

Von Holton Eye Care 11, Channahon 9
All girls played an excellent game. Allison Kagay was 3 for 3 and brought in the winning run. Kelby Shay, Marlee Nugent and Cece Marlow had an excellent night on the pitching mound. Kelby Shay had a great defensive game at third base and caught a smashing high fly. For Channahon, Rachel Timm was three for three with a double, Brenna Williams also was three for three with a hard hit right down the third base line.

Friday, June 5th
Minooka Fireballs 9, Von Holten 3
The Fireballs broke open a very close game with 5 runs in the final inning to come away with a hard fought victory.Bella Fraser ignited the Fireballs, leading the way while going 3-3 with 2rbi and 2 runs scored.Madeline Moran (3-4,2rbi,1 run) and Larkin Kalay (3-4 ,rbi,2runs) also had a big days at the plate and flashed their gloves in the field with a number of good defensive plays.Von Holten's Allison Kagay went a perfect 3-3 and adding a run.Vanessa Alegria and Caycee Brown both went 2-3 and drove in runs.Great defense by the Von Holten team kept them in the game till the end.

Thursday, June 4th
Minooka FireDept Fireballs 7, Morris Hospital Blue Thunder 2
Another terrific effort by both teams.The Fireballs got timely hits and big runs when they needed them.Most of the damage was done off the bats of Kailee O'Gorman (3-3, double,3rbi), Madison Santora (3-3,2rbi),and Larkin Kalay (2-3,rbi,2runs).Emma Congoran had an rbi and added good defensive plays.The BlueThunder had Addi Crumly go 2-2 and score both Thunder runs.Lauren Mick also went 2-2 with a hard hit double

Wednesday, June 3rd
Ridge Dental "Dolphins" 13, Channahon 6
For Ridge Dental Gracie Anderson (3/3) led the offense with 3 hits and a huge double to the outfield grass. Brooke Darnall (3/3) , Natilee Carlos (3/3), Abby Haake (4/4) , Sami Samuilis (3/4), and Lexie Lakota (2/3) all had great nights at the plate and brought their "A" game for Ridge Dental. Aubree Ryle had a great night pitching for Ridge Dental and made some amazing defensive plays on the mound. For Channahon Rachel (3/3) and Katie (2/2) both had perfect nights at the plate. Lily and Addison did a fantastic job on the base paths combined scoring 5 out of the 6 runs for Channahon. Great job by both teams tonight and Good luck on the 2nd half of the season.

Tuesday, June 2nd
Ridge Dental "Dolphins" 4, Shorewood Family Dental "Orange Crush" 2
This was definitely the game of the year as we reach the halfway point. Both teams had fantastic defensive efforts and pitching in the field and made it very difficult to score runs against each other. For Ridge Dental Natilee Carlos (2/2) and Aubree Ryle (2/2) led Ridge Dental with enough offensive power to lead to Ridge to victory. Gracie Anderson, Abby Haake and Sami Samuilis all three added in 2 hits apiece. Gracie Anderson did a terrific job at first base today and caught every ball hit and thrown her way. Lexie Lakota and Ava Nurczyk also made a couple really nice defensive plays out in the field for Ridge Dental. For Shorewood Dental Kayla Conner and Abrianna Kennedy each had 2 hits apiece to lead the way offensively for Shorewood Dental. Kennedy added some fantastic work on the mound and made 2 dazzling plays out in the field. Anna Zemaitis made an amazing play over at 2nd base tonight for Shorewood that really put a stop to Ridge Dental's offensive attack. Excellent pitching and defense from both teams really made this a "nail biter" and exciting game for the girl's, coaches, and fans to be apart of. Great job today girl's.

Monday, June 1st
Shorewood Family Dental "Orange Crush" 10, Channahon 5
Both teams showed GREAT team spirit tonight leaving fans exiting the park chanting softball cheers. The orange crush had a great night on offense with all girls making contact at the plate and working hard on heads up base running. Abrianna Kennedy went 2-2 which included a beautiful double down the 3rd base line. Also adding HUGE doubles for the team were Jenna Ritchie and Kayla Conner with each of them earning 2 RBI as a result. Channahon's Maddox Hetzel pitched a fantastic game for her team and showed excellent effort at the mound on defense. Katie Fink worked hard behind the plate as catcher. Nice game girls!

Friday, May 29th
Minooka Fire Dept. Fireballs 1
5, Shorewood Dental Orange Crush 12
An offensive explosion took place as both teams set season highs in runs scored.The Fireballs had Madison Santora,Kailee O'Gorman,Emma Congoran and Mia Pugliese all go 3-3 and score 3 runs Madeline Moran and Samantha Reiter each went 3-3 with 3 rbi.The Orange Crush had heads up and agressive play from the whole lineup led by Anna Zemaitis with 3 solid hits.Jenna Ritchie went 3-3 and K.K. Wietting added 3 hits as well.Alot of action had all the girls busy cheering on their teammates

Wednesday, May 27th
Ridge Dental "Dolphins" 14,
Channahon 4
For Ridge Dental Jena Lopina had a monster day at the plate going (3/3) with two huge doubles and 5 RBI's. Brooke Darnall (3/3), Evie Perez (2/2), Sami Samuilis (3/3), and Natilee Carlos (3/3), Abby Haake (3/3), and Gracie Anderson (3/3) all had perfect days at the plate for Ridge Dental. Lexie Lakota made her pitching debut and held Channahon scoreless in her inning pitched. For Channahon Rachel, Addison, and Lily all went (2/2) and did most of the scoring damage for Channahon. Great job girls!

Saturday, May 23rd
Shorewood Family Dental "Orange Crush" 7, Morris Hospital "Blue Thunder" 5
It was an exciting softball game on a beautiful Saturday morning. Both teams showed great sportsmanship and a true team effort. Orange Crush's Kayla Conner cranked a double down the right field line to bring in two runs for the team. Maddie Wietting made an excellent play behind the plate catching a fouled off ball to make an out. Kailey Wietting went 2-3 at bat with a huge double. Blue Thunder was aggressive at the plate with several players getting hits off of the live kid pitching. They also played a great defensive game. Marina Hristov had two solid innings pitching and a double at bat. Addison Crumly contributed with two awesome doubles. Keep working hard, girls! You are doing great!

Minooka FireDept. Fireballs 10, Von Holten Eye Care 2
The Fireballs showed their best all around effort as Madeline Moran made another great catch in the field and went 3-3 with an rbi at the plate.Kailee O'Gorman ( 2-2 ,2 doubles, 2rbi ) Emma Congoran (2-2, double, 2 runs scored) and Larkin Calay (2 hits,2rbi) all led the Fireballs hitting attack.Bella Fraser (rbi,2runs) also had a heads up defensive play to help the Fireballs win their first game of the year..Von Holton had great efforts from top to bottom. Cecilia Marlow (2-2) and Taylor Rodriguez each scored a run and Breanna Bernard added 2 hits.

Friday, May 22nd
Shorewood Family Dental 9, Von Holten Eye 3
Great game tonight, ladies! Shorewood family dental had a great night on offense. All girls were able to make contact with the ball tonight! Maddie Wietting reached base all three times at bat and scored three runs for the team. Jenna Ritchie hit a huge double up the middle to knock in a some runs. And, it was great night on the mound for Kailey Wietting and Gabby Garcia who both made their pitching debut's this season. Von Holten Eye Care's Cecelia Marlow hit two huge doubles to the grass and had an amazing catch at third base! GiGi Vallera hit a nice double and had some outstanding defensive plays for the team. Vanessa Alegria worked hard on the pitchers mound throwing several strikes and forcing contact hitting on the opposing team. It was a fun Friday of softball. We are so proud of you all!

Thursday, May 21st
Ridge Dental "Dolphins" 10, Minooka Fire Department "Fireballs" 1
Ridge Dental came away with another huge night at the plate led by Ava Nurczyk (2/2) and Gracie Anderson (2/2) both smacking 2 huge doubles apiece out to the outfield. Brooke Darnall (2/2), Jena Lopina (2/2), Sami Samuilis (2/2), and Natilee Carlos (2/2) all had perfect nights at the plate as well. Anderson, Nurczyk, and Darnall all three pitched excellent tonight and only gave up 1 run combined behind some excellent defensive plays. Gracie Anderson made the catch of the year from the outfield in the 3rd Inning today. For the Minooka Fire Department Samantha Reiter and Emma Congoran each pitched excellent tonight for the Fireballs. Jaelle Hamilton had a great night at the plate (2/2) with an RBI. Mia Ann Pugliese (2 hits) , Emma Congoran (1 hit ), and Delaney Adams (1 hit) all reached base for the Fireballs.

Tuesday, May 19th
Ridge Dental 16, Von Holten Eye Care 6
For Ridge Dental Sami Samuilis (4/4), Ava Nurczyk (4/4), and Natilee Carlos (4/4) all three had perfect nights at the plate. Samuilis, Nurczyk, and Carlos all three combined for (3IP) and gave up a total of 1 run combined. Aubree Ryle (3/3) also had a perfect night at the plate for Ridge Dental. Cece Marlow, Marlee Nugent, Caycee Brown, and Breanna Bernard all pitched excellent tonight for Von Holten Eye Care. Nugent (3/3) and Bernard (2/2) both also had perfect nights at the plate for Von Holten. Gigi Vallera added to the hitting attack by adding 2 huge base hits for Von Holten. It was definitely a little chilly tonight, but both teams played some excellent softball.Great job girls!

Friday, May 15th
Shorewood Family Dental (Orange Crush) 6,
Channahon - 5
Kayla Conner showed excellent defense at 3rd base and scored two runs for the Orange Crush. Anna Zemaitis did an excellent job pitching for two innings and showed great hustle for her team! Channahon's Danielle Meyer looked good behind the plate catching and Zoe Taylor showed great sportsmanship by sticking out an inning after an injury.

Thursday, May 14th
Ridge Dental 13, Minooka Fire Department 4
Ridge Dental had a great night hitting with 6 players going 3 for 3 at the plate. Jena Lopina, Sami Samuilis, Ava Nurczyk, Natilee Carlos, Gracie Anderson, and Abby Haake all went a perfect 3 for 3. Ava Nurczyk and Sami Samuilis also had a great night defensively throwing 2 base runners out at home plate in the same inning. For Minooka Fire Department Madeline Moran had a great day at the plate with 2 hits and made a beautiful unassisted put out at first base. Delaney Adams (2/2), Larkin Caley (3/3), and Sami Reiter (2/2) all had a great game at the plate for Minooka Fire. It was definitely a tough night for the girl's playing through the rain, but both teams finished up having a lot of fun and made it through the muddy field conditions at the end of the game. Great job out there girls!

Wednesday, May 13th
Minooka Shorewood Family Dental (Orange Crush) 3, Channahon 7
Job well done for Jenna Ritchie who pitched a great game and went 3-3 at the plate with a run scored. Brooklyn Baranoski was aggressive at the plate going 2-3 with a run scored and also pitched well for two innings. Solid contact hitting all three times for McKenna Murphy, who went 2-3 at the plate. Channahon's Rachel Timm had a great game pitching and Addison Bonner made several excellent plays at 1st base.

Saturday, May 9th
Ridge Dental 11, Channahon 5
Very exciting home opener for Channahon this Saturday morning. Both teams displayed some great pitching and defensive gems. Ridge Dental came away with the win led by Ava Nurczyk (3/4) and Gracie Anderson going (3/4) at the plate. Both Anderson (1ip) and Nurczyk (1ip) pitched exceptional in Saturday's game. Aubree Ryle went (2/3) for Ridge Dental. Aubree smashed a huge double out to center field that really helped open the lead for Ridge Dental. Aubree (1ip) finished up her fantastic game and closed the game for Ridge Dental on the mound. The Channahon girl's showed up and pitched exceptional throughout the whole game. Great start to the season for both teams.

Thursday, May 7th
Ridge Dental 8, Morris Hospital 6
For Ridge Dental Evie Perez and Natilee Carlos both went (2/2) at the plate and both made some great defensive plays in the field. Lexie Lakota added to Ridge Dental's hitting attack adding 2 strong base hits. For Morris Hospital Mia Cisneros pitched a fantastic game and went (3/3) at the plate. Bre Mauk (3/3) and Isabel Knowles added 2 strong singles for Morris Hospital. Overall this was a very well played game by both teams. Good Job Girls.

Monday, May 4th
Morris Hospital 6,
Von Holten Eye Care 5
On Monday, May the 4th Morris Hospital and Von Holton eye care squared off in an early season challenge. Marina Hristov was stellar with the first two innings pitched only allowing two runs. A line drive up the middle fielded by Leah Pena and zipped over to second base Addison Crumly was a rock solid play. Breanna Bernhard rocked one pitch into right field for a easy double. Von Holton had a great set of innings with pitching from Claire Olsen and Gigi Vallera limiting the runs from Morris Hospital. Jenna Jones closed out the last inning for Morris with a strong double knocking in a runner. The game ended 6-5 with Morris taking the game.

Saturday, May 2nd
Ridge Dental 12
, Shorewood Dental 3
Awesome start to the season for both teams. For Ridge Dental Sami Samuilis pitched great today and went(4/4) at the plate. Brooke Darnall(3/3) and Abby Haake(3/3) added to Ridge Dental's hitting attack. For Shorewood Dental Madilynn Wietting pitched a great game today and brought the defensive attack. Abrianna Kennedy did a great job pitching today and Gaby Garcia added a huge hit out to center field for Shorewood Dental. Great start to the season girl's. Keep it up!

Channahon 10, Minooka Fire Department 7
Channahons Lily Deschamps and Kailyn Barr had great defensive plays while Brenna Williams led with 2 rbi.Mia Pugliese led the Fireballs with 2 hits and 2rbi



May 2015

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9 Opening Ceremony
11:00 3 vs. 4
1:00 CH6 vs. 2
Home Team Listed Last 4
6:00 5 vs. 1
5 6 7
6:00 1 vs. 3

9:00 3 vs. CH6
@ Channahon

11:00 1 vs.2

10 11
6:00 5 vs. CH6
@ Channahon
12 13
6:00 4 vs. CH6
@ Channahon
6:00 2 vs. 3
6:00 CH6 vs. 4
9:00 CH6 vs. 2
11:00 3 vs. 5
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6:00 1 vs. CH6
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6:00 5 vs. 4
9:00 4 vs. 1
11:00 5 vs. 2
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Memorial Day
6:00 2 vs. 5
6:00 CH6 vs. 3
6:00 CH6 vs. 1
6:00 2 vs. 4
9:00 CH6 vs. 3
11:00 1 vs. 4

June 2015


6:00 4 vs. CH6
@ Channahon

6:00 5 vs. 1

6:00 3 vs. 4
3 4
6:00 2 vs. 1
6:00 2 vs. 5
9:00 CH6 v s. 5
11:00 1 vs. 2
7 8
6:00 1 vs. CH6
@ Channahon

6:00 5 vs. 4

6:00 2 vs. 3
6:00 4 vs. 5
6:00 3 vs. 1
6:00 4 vs. 2
9:00 1 vs. 3
11:00 4 vs. 5

6:00 2 vs. 4

6:00 5 vs. CH6
@ Channahon

6:00 3 vs. 5
6:00 CH6 vs. 1
6:00 3 vs. 2
6:00 4 vs. 1

Last Game - Pinto Party
9:00 2 vs. CH6
@ Channahon

9:00 4 vs. 3
11:00 1 vs. 5
12:30 Closing Ceremony

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