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Minooka Softball : Bronco

Team Name : Coach : Win: Loss: Tie:
Minooka Pharmacy  


Wednesday, June 19th
Minooka Pharmacy 11, Custer Park 4
Hits by Harlee Piszczek and Hailey Hartnett and excellent pitching by Hannah Bolek and Jenna Spreitzer keyed the victory tonight for Minooka.

Tuesday, June 18th
Minooka Pharmacy 18, Gardner Bronco 10
Kynsey Cryder had 4 hits and pitched two good innings for Minooka tonight. Gabrielle Jones, Sara Giangrande, Harlee Piszczek, Hannah Bolek, Grace Bette, and McKenna Ferry all had hits for the winning Minooka team.

Monday, June 17th
Minooka Pharmacy 2, Coal City 13
Gabrielle Jones got a hit and scored in tonight's game for Minooka. Mckenna Ferry also scored a hit and a run tonight. Kynsey Cryder and Grace Bette also had hits in tonight's game that featured 8 Minooka fly outs.

Friday, June 14th
Minooka Pharmacy 13, Wilmington 8
Hits by Hannah Bolek, Alex Curatalo, Kynsey Cryder, Hailey Hartnett, Jenna Spreitzer, Maddy Trouvais, and Arin Grandowski powered the Minooka victory today.

Thursday, June 13th
Minooka Pharmacy 17, Gardner 5
Jenna Spreitzer had three hits and pitched three quality innings in a victory for Minooka. Gabrielle Jones, Hailey Hartnett, Grace Bette, and Harlee Piszczek each scored twice in the game. Kynsey Cryder had an outstanding game defensively at first base for Minooka.

Tuesday, June 11th
Minooka Pharmacy 26, Morris Cherry Hill Studio 11
Hailey Hartnett homered and Arin Grandowski scored four times in this one sided game. Jenna Spreitzer, Maddy Trouvais, Grace Bette, Mckenna Ferry, Hailey Hartness, and Kynsey Cryder had multiple hits in this game. Superb pitching by Hannah Bolek and Jenna Spreitzer and excellent plate work by Harlee Piszczek kept Morris in check most of the game. Allysa Zebell and Lydia Argubright each had two hits and scored three times for Morris.

Monday, June 10th
Minooka Pharmacy 25, Mazon 6
Maddy Trouvais scored four times in this high scoring game. McKenny Ferry and Harlee Piszczek played well defensively for Minooka.

Saturday, June 8th
Minooka Pharmacy 18, Braidwood 8
Hannah Bolek pitched 3 superb innings for Minooka. Jenna Spreitzer, Hailey Hartnett, McKenna Ferry, Maddie Trouvais, Alex Curatalo, Kynsey Cryder, and Arin Grandowski each scored twice for Minooka. Jenna Spreitzer had three hits for Minooka. Braidwood's Lide and Hamilton had two hits each in the loss.

Friday, June 7th
Minooka Pharmacy 12, Seneca 7
Minooka's Maddy Trouvais, Jenna Spreitzer and Hailey Hartness had two hits each in the Minooka victory. Hannah Bolek, Kynsey Cryder, McKenna Ferry, and Grace Bette had one hit each for Minooka. Four excellent innings pitched by Jenna Spreitzer and two innings of relief pitching by Hannah Bolek let to victory for Minooka. Seneca's Megan Neimann, Grace Flatness, Hannah Roarson, Anna Salz, Claire Griffin, and Savannah Steep had hits for Seneca.

Wednesday, June 5th
Minooka Pharmacy 6, Dwight Bandits 8
Excellent pitching by Dwight and poor base running by Minooka powered the win for Dwight. Dwight's Noonan, Flynn, Harms, and Stewart had hits. Dwight's Flynn had two hits including a homerun in the game. Maddy Trouvais had Minooka's only hit and Harlee Piszczek scored twice in the game for Minooka.

Saturday, May 18th
Minooka Pharmacy 10, Shorewood Home & Auto 13
Gianna Kriechbaum pitched an outstanding game and earned the Win for Shorewood Home and Auto. Madison Gambosi, Hannah Breier, and Georgia House had hits for Shorewood Home and Auto. Careless field by Minooka Pharmacy keyed today's loss despite a valiant come back at the end. Jenna Spreitzer had three hits to lead the team, Hailey Hartnett, Arin Grandowski, Alex Curatalo, Kynsey Cryder, Harlee Piszczek-Hovis, and Mckenna Ferry also had hits. Maddy Trouvais made an outstanding running catch and throw out to end an inning.

Friday, May 17th
Minooka Pharmacy 9, Braidwood Bronco 12
Excellent pitching and hitting by Braidwood keyed their victory. Hannah Bolek, Harlee Piszczek-Hovis, Kynsey Cryder, and Hailey Hartnett were highlights in the Minooka loss. Arin Grandowski scored three times for Minooka.

Monday, May 13th
Minooka Pharmacy 17, Mazon 11
Excellent defensive play by Harlee Piszczek-Hovis and McKenna Ferry led the way in the Minooka victory. Harlee Piszczek-Hovis hit a three-run homer and Grace Bette had a sacrifice to drive in a run in the game. Binion homered and pitch two solid innings for Mazon.

Wednesday, May 8th
Minooka Pharmacy 23, Channahon Bronco 11
Harlee Piszczek, Hailey Hartnett, Arin Grandowski, Sara Giangrande, and Kynsey Cryder had hits in the Minooka victory. Gabrielle Jones and Hailey Hartnett each scored four times in this game. Solid pitching by Minooka's Hannah Bolek and Kynsey Cryder aided in the victory. Channahon's Taylor, Stewart, and Chandler had hits in Channahon's loss.

Sunday, May 4th
Minooka Pharmacy 8, Seneca 9
Hannah Bolek and Jenna Spreitzer pitched well in the loss for Minooka. Alex Curatolo, Jenna Spreitzer, and Kynsey Cryder had hits for Minooka. Alison Bland pitched 7 innings for Seneca and got the win.

Saturday, April 27th
Minooka Pharmacy 18,
Shorewood Home and Auto 12
Excellent pitching by Hannah Bolek and Jenna Spreitzer and multi hit games by Maddie Trouvais, Sara Giangrande, and Alex Curatalo were key in the Minooka Pharmacy victory. Excellent catching by Harlee Piszczek-Hovis and first base play by Kynsey Cryder also led to victory. For Shorewood Home and Auto Georgia House had three hits and scored four times. Andreanna Haritopoulos had two hits for Shorewood Home and Auto.


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